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Gift A Feast

Help us Make A Difference!
By Gypsy Achong

Help us Make A DifferenceMy daughter, Jacqueline, was coming to the office with me on Columbus Day, and she noticed someone sleeping on the street. She asked why he was not in his bed. I explained that some people run into trouble and have a hard time getting out of trouble in an expensive city like San Francisco without someone to help. She said "Well Mama you could help them, right?" What do you say to a 4.5 year old when they ask you that? I told her that I would do some research to figure out what we could do together. Conveniently, October 24th is Make a Difference Day, and we thought of a way we could help in a small way.

We are setting aside $200 to offer micro-grants to kids who want to do something small to Make a Difference in someone's day, or life. Anyone can apply for a micro-grant of $5 - $25 to purchase supplies needed to carry out their mini-mission. Potential projects might include buying a sandwich for someone living on the street, to handing out personal hygiene kits to homeless teens, sending heart-felt letters of hope to Syrian refugees, or baking a birthday cake for a lonely neighbor.

Simply post your idea, the amount of money you are requesting, and your email address on our Facebook page; or email me at customerservice@giftafeast.com. Jacqueline and I will choose the winners on World Kindness Day (November 13). Winners will be alerted by email no later than November 20, and will also be announced on Facebook and our blog.

Please share your ideas to Make a Difference with us, and please share this announcement with your friends, especially friends who are teachers. We can't wait to find out how you'd like to Make a Difference in someone's life.

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