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Gift A Feast

Shop and do good
By Gypsy Achong

Thanks for your support during the 2015 holiday season! In your honor, we were able to contribute 3300 meals to families in need through Feeding America!


Shop and Do GoodAs we whip up Thanksgiving feasts this week something we might not have on our minds is hunger. Hunger and food insecurity affects people living right in our own neighborhoods. Almost 50 million Americans are food insecure. That means they lack access, at times, to enough nutritious food to live a healthy, active life.

Many of our older friends and family live with chronic health conditions that prevent them from making fresh, healthy meals regularly. According to AARP, at least 8 million baby boomers are facing hunger in the USA. Many programs help seniors get the food they need taking into account the health status, medication needs, transportation, physical limitations and dietary restrictions of older Americans.

Our little ones are hungry, too. Healthy kids learn better, so it’s crucial to make sure our kids get the nutrition they need to learn and grow. In 2014, over 21 million students got a free or reduced-priced healthy lunch through the National School Lunch Program. Shockingly, this may be the only healthy meal of the day for some of these children. 

Food banks, pantries and meal programs seek to fill the bellies of our hungry neighbors. A real-life example is North San Juan Community Church in the mountains of central California. Every week the minister goes to a Food Bank in Nevada City, about 20 minutes away. After collecting light-weight, non-perishable food, she divides it into 30 grocery bags and delivers 5 bags a day to hungry people. In exchange she only collects hugs and smiles for her efforts. Occasionally, she will accept what she calls "Pennies From Heaven" when one of the folks scours the parking lot for pennies. The church pays for gas every now & then, but she does it all for the love of fellow man. 

Last year we asked you to vote on a charity and you chose Feeding America. In honor of our customers, Gift A Feast will be giving 1% of all sales from Black Friday to Christmas Day to Feeding America, a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. This work provides more than 3 billion meals to hungry families each year. Together we can take a bite out of hunger in America.​
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