Gift Wrapping our Gourmet Food Gifts

At Gift A Feast we know presentation is as important as the gift itself. We aspire to thrill and delight with our luxurious and festive packaging.

Valentine's Day gift wrap
  • Valentine's Day gift wrap

    #1 Sweet Hearts

  • Spring arrives gift wrap

    #2 Spring Arrives

  • Summer gift wrap

    #3 Summer!

  • Fall gift wrap

    #4 Fall Fiesta

  • Silver Serenade gift wrap

    #5 Silver Serenade

  • Rustic Revelry gift wrap

    #6 Rustic Revelry

  • Royal Blue gift wrap

    #7 Royal Blue

  • Serenity gift wrap

    #8 Serenity

  • Black and white gift wrap

    #9 Black and White

Don't see something that fits your occasion? Email us at, or call us at 800.453.6768 and we'll customize something for you.

Please note that the packaging photographs and descriptions are intended to give you a sense of the style and color of each packaging option. Our gifts are unique and handmade. Because exact presentation varies from gift to gift, we send you an image of YOUR gift before we ship it.