Gourmet Gift Boxes For Clients

If your job description includes "...other duties, as assigned," chances are high you've been tasked with purchasing and sending client gifts on behalf of a business. And whether you adore gift shopping or dread it, it can be a time-consuming and thankless task that takes you away from other important work. Here's our suggestion:

We'll do the work, you take the credit

Our standard services include gourmet gifts:

  • Hand-wrapped in customized gift wrap to match your branding
  • Hand-written personal note on your stationary
  • Delivered to their door - or desk - as you wish

Our Corporate Gifting Program includes additional benefits:

  • Full-service fulfillment management:
    • Simply supply your company's mailing list and calendar and we will ensure the right referral of birthday gift arrives at the right time to the right client.
  • Special assortment of gifts from $5 to $30:
    • Affordable to send home gourmet treats with guests at the company picnic, the annual holiday dinner, or the quarterly sales meeting.
  • Monthly or quarterly billing depending on volume.
  • Free shipping:
    • Spend more than $200 in a month, we'll throw in free shipping for any gift over $30 that you send during the following month.
  • $25 per month. Fee waived if you spend more than $300 per quarter.

Contact us to find out more at customerservice@giftafeast.com or 800.453.6768.