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Welcome to the homepage of a charity dedicated to eradicating world hunger Gift A Feast. We’re a small NGO that’s just made its first steps towards becoming a force for good in the fight against world hunger. Gift A Feast has been established in the fall of 2019 with the goal of making it easy for people to gift the gift of meals and other foodstuffs that can help those in need. Our organization membership currently has around 150 volunteer feast gifters who are bringing together people who have something to give with those that don’t have much at all. It is our hopes that one day through our efforts, we’ll be able to make a significant dent in the epidemic that world hunger is. Each December we have a meeting of the whole Gift A Feast to organize and coordinate our efforts for the following year. Each year it takes place in a different country. This year we visited Krka waterfalls from Split. Meeting takes place in country that’s closest to all the members at a given time. We’re always in different parts of the world, so coordinating between us takes a lot of effort. To make things easier for us, our partners and visitors, we have partnered with many local companies including Zen Travel agency. Those guys really helped us a lot, so the least we could do is mention them here. Read more about their services on this link.

Town was pretty cheap and there is plenty of cool stuff to do in Split that are a lot of fun. This year we were lucky and we managed to mix both business and pleasure. At the meeting the work plan for the year 2020 has been made and our goal is to increase the pace and develop our little charity even further in 2020. Primary goals are to expand the network of contributors to our organization. Many people are hesitant to make contributions to charities these days because a lot of scams are happening. Our approach to winning peoples trust is to make the whole company as transparent as possible.

Gift A Fest heads of operations consists of three friends. Donna, Mike and Jeremy. We three grew up with the hopes of changing the world for the better, and this little charity is our way of trying to achieve that. This world can be gloomy if decide to take it as such. God know that there are many reasons why you should have a gloomy outlook. Key to stop making this world so gloomy is to try and make your little corner of the world a better place. Through sharing meals, mediating between those who have and those who have not, that is exactly what we try to do here at Gift A Feast. We hope that you join our cause and that you too work on making this world a better place. We really need people like you, and you can make the world a better place even without joining our cause.

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How our charity works

In the short time that our little group has been active we’ve devised a 4 step plan that pretty much always manages to achieve our goals. The steps in the process will differ depending on which country we are establishing our operations, but they basically boil down to the following:

Coordinate with other NGOs

First step in our process is to coordinate our operations with established local charities. That includes figuring our which local charities are genuine, actual organisations dedicated to making a change for the better, and trust us when we say that determining that isn’t always easy.

We send aid packages

Most important step of the process is when we actually send the aid packages that we’ve determined are needed in a given area. We’re not even going to get into the shear amount of logistics that is needed in order to send something from one end of the world to another. Organizing and taking care of all the paperwork is our job and we love doing it.

We talk with people

After carefully choosing local charities to which we’re going to be sending aid, we make sure to listen to people, local population, users of said charities, as to what kind of help it is that they need. Even though Gift A Meal is focuses on gifting meals, as is our name, we do provide aid in other ways, medical supplies.

We listen to people

Last step that is needed for a successful aid campaign is to listen to people, what they have to say about the aid packages which were sent. I know that you aren’t supposed to look at a gift horse in the mouth, but we want to make sure that the right type of aid gets to the right people. That’s why feedback is important.

Should you decide to join us, join our cause, you can always do that by visiting the join our cause page, where we have detailed instructions on how you can become a member of the Gift A Fest team. Key qualifications for working for the Gift A Feast team would be that you love to travel a lot, you are bilingual, trilingual, or more and of course it’s desirable that you have organizational skills of some sort.

Meet the team behind Gift A Feast

Hi there, my name is Donna and I’m the lead Asia coordinator for Gift A Feast. I’m an ex VP of operations for a large electricity company here in the US that I don’t want to name. At first I volunteered here GAF, but then back in 2018 together with Mike and Jeremy I decided to do this full time and I love every second of my work.

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I’m Mike, and I’m he oldest member of Gift A Meal. I’m the one who first started working on the project full time, out of the original three, myself, Donna and Jeremy. I’m a retired stock trader that looked for something to do with his retirement years. What better than Gift A Meal.


My name is Jeremy and even though you might not say that if you saw me, I’m a pretty laid back guy. In Gift A Meal I’m in charge of our operations in South America. I’m almost full time with Gift A Meal, I’m still having trouble of letting go of my day job which is that of a software developer in the Silicon Valley, Amazon to be more precise. I’m getting there though.

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Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

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Countries we're active in

Europe office

Brussels, Belgium

460 Wellin Street
6920 Hainaut
0488 63 45326

Our mission

Our mission is simple, to help people, even if it’s just with a simple meal. Our job is to bring together people who want to help people. Join us in our quest.