Most important step towards joining our cause is getting in touch with the Gift A Feast team. Subsequently, getting in touch with the team is pretty easy. Each of us have our own email address, and you can also just use the contact form down below if you don’t feel like using email directly. For the time being we don’t have any kind of social media. Sadly we’re pretty old school, plus we’re pretty busy and don’t have time for keeping up with those.

One of you who answers our call and decides to help us out will maybe want to starting looking into organizing social media profiles for our little getup. We realize that social media is a huge asset for a charity like ours to have, but we just don’t have the manpower at this stage to handle it, hence the reason for not have almost any kind of social media presence. Please join us and help us out cover holes in that department, and also in lots of other places as far as organizing aid goes. We look forward to getting all kinds of help.