There are 3 main large scale ongoing projects that Gift A Feast is involved with, or should I say, we’re currently present on three continents, which we consider to be our projects. We’re in Africa, South America and Asia, southeast Asia to be more precise. Saying that Africa is one of our projects doesn’t really tell much, doesn’t it. Or Asia, or South America for that matter. They are continents after all, and saying a continent is a project is pretty vague.

Still whether you want to call them projects or just areas of activity, they are where we are currently active. Main way that Gift A Feast is involved in humanitarian aid to countries is by sending them meals. The main hint to what we’re doing is in our name really.

We find a country where there’s a huge humanitarian crisis either going on, or is about to start happening, and then we get to work. We look for and start contacting local charities and together with them we organize dispatch of aid. They, the local charities, with our oversight then start the distribution of the aid (read food) that we’ve managed to gather.

Aid is collected in the states and is then packaged and shipped to countries where it is needed. That is basically the ins and outs of how we work. The basic gist of it. If you want to get involved, we’re always eager to hear from similarly minded people who want to change the world for the better. Mention which project you want to get involved, and we’ll find something for you, don’t worry.

All the best

Gift A Feast Team