Gift A Feast is an charitable organization started by 3 friends who wanted to see the world change for the better. We are a very young charity that has officially started operating at full capacity sometime in the fall of 2019. Since then we’ve been working part-time on the project ever since 2017, maybe even 2018. They key players in Gift A Feast are:


Donna Mccartney
-ex VP of operations
-Lead Asia operator


Mike Elower
-ex stock traders
-i’m the one in headquarters


Jeremy Garberl
-software developer
-in charge of South America


Before Gift A Feast we’ve worked in various white collar jobs as managers (Donna), stock traders (Mike) and software developers (Jeremy). Each of us used and still use to this day the experience that we gained from previous jobs in order to improve Gift A Feast.

Gift A Feast works by connecting together people who can spare a meal, or a feast should I say with those who for whatever reason can’t afford one. We’re a charity that mostly centers on providing food aid to people in need across the world.

So far we’re active in Africa, South America and Asia to some extent. Gift A Feast works by getting in touch with legitimate local charities with whom we then develop strategies for helping those in need, and of course to whom with provide aid from the states. If you want to join us, you can do so by sending us a message.